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Granada Website Converted from WordPress to Laravel

Almost four years ago, we designed and built a new website for The Granada (Granada). The website was built in WordPress and included a custom theme. A few months ago, the Granada was interested in making some updates to their website. Before making any updates, we converted the website from WordPress to our latest development systems which include Laravel, UIkit and LaraManager. This posts talks a little about the conversion.

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Building websites with Laravel

A few years ago, Philsquare started working with a PHP framework called Laravel. We currently use it on most of our new projects. In this post, I discuss the events that led us to use Laravel and how and why we use it.

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The Merc keeps it local and chooses Philsquare to develop new website

Earlier this year, Philsquare was involved with the redevelopment of The Community Mercantile’s new website. Philsquare teamed up with a local user experience group who focused on design elements that worked within The Merc’s existing branding. The team spent considerable time organizing content since content architecture was key in making sure The Merc’s priorities were being communicated through the web; these include their focus on local food, the opportunity to become owners and their impact on the local economy and community.

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Big Slice launches in Target stores; Philsquare helps launch Big Slice website

The Philsquare team is excited to kickoff our 2014 project announcements with a great new website for a local Kansas product getting major store shelving space this month! 

In October, we were contacted by Grandma Hoerner’s (you may have seen their store off of I-70 west of Topeka near Alma). They had an exciting new line and wanted a new stand alone website. Their product, Big Slice Apples, are kettle cooked apples that they’ve sold traditionally in 16 oz jars. Their new product, are single-servings of these apples with new, delicious add-ins (apricots, green coffee extract and caramel are examples). We were also working with a deadline: the product would be in more than 200 Targets by the end of January and the Big Slice team needed to start promoting the product right away.

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An overview of our web upgrade

Almost a year ago, we revealed the most exciting Philsquare website design yet. We had streamlined content and we focused on what we did and how we did it (our process and portfolio pages). A year later, we still totally love the website (if you know Phil, you know this is surprising). It just needed some freshening up: like a new haircut for spring. 

We’re proud to introduce the updated and even better website (version 4.2...or so.)

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The basics of web and email hosting and domains

Owning a website usually means you need 3 services. These are website host, domain registrar and an email host. Most major web hosting companies provide all 3 services. However, you don’t have to rely on one company to provide each of these services. For example, at Philsquare we prefer Google for handling our email services so we use them instead of our hosting company, Media Temple. However, this requires another set of credentials (login information) to track and we pay additional costs. To get a better understanding of these 3 services, let’s talk about them individually.

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New online store, website for Mass Street Music

If you've been at Mass Street Music's physical store at all this year, you've maybe noticed a few changes. This local Lawrence store is celebrating 30 years of business with a major makeover: they're updating their store, their brand and their website. 

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Cider Gallery 3.0

The Cider Gallery and Events building has had quite the year. A year ago, the building was run down and abandoned. Drab, fading brick. Dark, empty interior. Just a year later, after months of renovations, The Cider Gallery is a must-see destination for Lawrence’s Final Fridays. The second floor is abuzz with businesses moving in and using the open cubicles and office space with wood floors and beams. The brick exterior walls of the building lend a cool background for events and wedding receptions.

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New website for Kansas Head Start Association

Last month, the Philsquare team launched a new website for Kansas Head Start Association. The website provides service information for counties across the state of Kansas. The website connects students, parents, educators and those advocating for Kanas Head Start. 

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Website developed for DDEquity

Philsquare developed and designed a professional, attention-grabbing website for DDEquity.

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