Secret message: the Philsquare logo

Posted May 04, 2012

Now that we've launched our new website, we want to make sure we highlight the logo we started using last year. It now has a new color, based on our new branding, but it's the white space that we love the most.

During the logo development, Phil worked with Tom Avery, a great designer in Kansas City. There were a few design elements Phil wanted in the logo that Tom incorporated beautifully. 

Desired logo elements included:

  • Use of negative space
  • Personality
  • Simple
  • Unique

The first thing that stood out to me when Phil showed me the logo was a smiling face winking at me. So playful! Yet, it also projects a digital theme. If you did not know anything about Philsquare, I still get the sense you would know it was a company that was focused on technology.

There is also an element that we’re not sure a lot of people have picked up on (including an employee that will remain nameless) giving us a reason to blog about it. Beyond the square and the elements that make up the face, is the negative (or white) space that make up the letters “P” and “S” for Philsquare.

philsquare orange logo










See it? Cool, right? Phil has always been intrigued by logos that utilize white space yet are still basic and not overly done and was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the logo. 

The logo represents exactly what Philsquare stands for: energetic, exciting and personable.

Did you see the "P" and the "S" in the logo? What are other logos you can think of that utilize negative space or are memorable and fun?