A new look for The Granada!

Posted August 23, 2012


This writeup started as a short description for our portfolio page but because of the vast number of really cool features on The Granada’s site I wanted to brag about, I just couldn’t stop writing.  So I decided to turn it into a blog post. The Philsquare team is incredibly proud of this site and is very excited to have had the chance to work with such an iconic Lawrence venue. Coming soon: Look for a screencast showing some of the behind the scenes of The Granada’s new website and a bit more explanation on the development of some of the site’s features.  -Bailey

When The Granada hired Philsquare, they asked for a website that appealed to the diverse crowds they attract and for a better way to promote their heavy fall concert lineup. The Philsquare development team wanted to make sure to give The Granada a great way to incorporate as much information about bands, shows and social media to give the staff optimal promotion tools within their own site.

The WordPress custom admin panel allows Granada staff to easily create band pages with descriptions, pictures and links to social media accounts. The band pages also shows upcoming events featuring that artist and also reflects past events creating a rich archive of Granada events. The gallery incorporates images from past shows allowing the staff to promote their fun and unique venue.  The event pages were built for flexibility: if tickets are only available for a show at the door, the staff enters the ticket price at the door in the administrative panel and the event page will only show that cost on the event page (instead of leaving other cost fields present with no cost). 

The wow factor with this site is the bold design and modern, retro take on the venue's exterior appearance. The marquee features a no-maintenance, updating list of upcoming events (this information is pulled based on events created). On the day of an event, the left side of the marquee automatically updates to showcase that event. The event letters are even programmed to be skewed or colored red randomly. (Refresh your page and see it change!) The stars to the left and right of the main content area reflect one of Philsquare's favorite tools, parallax, which allows our developers to program different motion rates for different stars as a user scrolls up and down the page (Go try it out, it’s fun!) without being flashy or distracting. 

Have questions about the website? Tweet to us @philsquare or post on facebook.com/philsquare. And let us know your favorite part of the new site!