Fun, bright site for Happy Joy Acres

Posted March 27, 2013

Joy with Happy Joy Acres wanted a website for her campground that reflected her personality and the environment at the campground: bright, happy and fun. The Philsquare team had fun designing a colorful logo (that Joy immediately had printed on business cards) and creating bright illustrations and icons for the website.

We used subtle motion on the site: the clouds in the background float by lazily invoking a lazy summer day by the lake. We were able to use a weather forecasting API to display the current weather (hopefully that number will get a bit higher in coming weeks) and styled it to match the branding on the site. 

Joy will be able to update all site content herself including videos and pictures from all the fun happening at Happy Joy Acres. 

What do you think of the site? What are your favorite spots for outdoor fun?


Happy Joy Acres