Philsquare Quick 5: Is it time to update your website?

Posted July 19, 2013

1. Does your website represent your company?

Your website needs to reflect your business which includes services, goals and brand. If your website has not been updated after company changes, it can me misleading or confusing to your visitors and potential customers.

2. Are you able to control the content on your website?

Raising awareness of your company and getting visitors to your site is important. It helps to publish new content: give potential customers a chance to see what you're about. Pictures, blog posts, contests are ways to get people involved. If you can't make updates to your website - to update content or make changes based on your business practices - you're missing out on a chance to communicate and interact with visitors. New websites should be built with a Content Management System - a web developer should be able to tell you what they use and what content you will be able to control (hint: you should be able to control almost any content on the website). 

3. Can mobile and tablet users navigate your site?

People are not just using computers to visit your website to find your store hours or business location. They're using phones and tablets, too. If your website is hard to navigate with a device other than a computer, you're going to lose the chance to have an impact on mobile and tablet users:

4. Is your website more than 5 years old?

Design standards change all the time and it doesn't take long for your website to look dated. Depending on your field (technology, medical, investing, retail, etc.), proving to customers that you are on the  cutting-edge in your field will be hard if your website isn't modern. This statistic says it all: 70 percent of people don't trust badly designed websites. Not only does your outdated website say you don't care about how your brand is perceived by the world, it also makes you a less trusting to your potential customers. 

5. Does your site function great?

If not, you're going to lose customers because they don't want to deal with your fluky site. If things don't load, or filling out a form is a pain in the butt, you're not going to gain important communication opportunities with site visitors. Have a new customer visit your site while you watch and see where they have problems. If they're not able to navigate your website and get the information they want, you need to evaluate the goals of your website and plan on making changes so visitors experience what you want them to.