Cider Gallery 3.0

Posted September 10, 2013

cider-gallery mobile

The Cider Gallery and Events building has had quite the year. A year ago, the building was run down and abandoned. Drab, fading brick. Dark, empty interior. Just a year later, after months of renovations, The Cider Gallery is a must-see destination for Lawrence’s Final Fridays. The second floor is abuzz with businesses moving in and using the open cubicles and office space with wood floors and beams. The brick exterior walls of the building lend a cool background for events and wedding receptions.

The Cider Gallery website has gone through a transformation in the last year, as well. The first version of the website was basic and served as a way to start generating hype about the building as renovations began. Early this year, as The Cider Gallery came closer to opening, we launched version 2.0. This website celebrated the art that would soon come to reside on the first floor of the building. 

The website began to take on more personality and life as The Cider Gallery prepared for its very first Final Friday event and grand opening on April 26. Thousands of people came through The Cider Gallery, taking in the art and exploring the second floor office space. Ten days later, the first two businesses moved in to their new space: the Philsquare team and Design Brilliance. We also just so happened to be neighbors.

The Cider Gallery is four months into regular operations. Five Final Friday events.  Almost 16 offices full of Lawrence businesses. Design Brilliance and Philsquare celebrated a ribbon cutting, most appropriately, together. The farm table, cubicles and conference room table were custom constructed. Mario Chalmers' fundraising event took place in the beautiful gallery and event space. 1 Million Cups began their weekly events in August. Every week, something new is happening.

The building is flourishing and we’ve, again, updated the website to reflect the energy in The Cider Gallery. Photos of art and artist bios remain. Photographs of the space and people using the space now fill the pages of The Cider Gallery website.  The site design is simple but it’s also intentional. The site focuses on great photography of the building and the beautiful artwork that covers the gallery and office space walls. Site admins are easily able to update content without having to use HTML. Take a look around and check it out on your cell phone or tablet (all photos are optimized for retina cell phone displays).

This isn’t a website you can just create using a template service. This is a well-crafted and beautiful website. Take a look around. And then come visit us at The Cider Gallery, 810 Pennsylvania Street.