An overview of our web upgrade

Posted February 12, 2014

Almost a year ago, we revealed the most exciting Philsquare website design yet. We had streamlined content and we focused on what we did and how we did it (our process and portfolio pages). A year later, we still totally love the website (if you know Phil, you know this is surprising). It just needed some freshening up: like a new haircut for spring.

We’re proud to introduce the updated and even better website (version 4.2...or so.)

Small updates include:

  • new header pictures (all taken inside the Philsquare HQ at the Cider Gallery office space)
  • font updates (for speed... see more below)
  • streamlined portfolio (again, for speed... see more below)
  • new map service (we’re really excited about using Mapbox now in multiple projects!)
  • header font style changes


Bigger updates:

New resource section

Our new resource section will be a place for us to share general knowledge and answer questions we address frequently with our customers: SEO, email newsletter services and domains, hosting, etc; we’ve got you covered. It will also be a place for us to provide instruction and knowledge about Philsquare-created modules and themes for PyroCMS (our preferred content management system).

Taking it mobile

Last year, we launched without making the website responsive. We had planned to but needed to move on to new client projects. So we put it on the back burner. And guys, stuff can stay on the back burner for AWHILE. So with this website update, the website HAD to be responsive (there’s really no excuse for it not to be) since responsive is built into every site we do now. So, check out this blogpost (or our portfolio or our about page) on your tablet or or smart phone and let us know what you think.

The need for speed

‚ÄčOne of the biggest motivators for this website update was the speed of our website. We take a lot of time and care making sure our client’s sites load quickly and perform great. And frankly, we weren’t happy with the load time for our website. We a lot of photographs and a few different types of fonts to load. So we decided to design the website in a way that only needed one web font, fewer images and fewer external resources while maintaining the clean, modern style that represents our design standards. In the end we cut the amount of external requests and the size of all the requests by half. This led to all our main web pages to load an amazing 6 times faster. In the few days that followed the update, we noticed that visitors were sticking around to view 2-3 times more pages and stayed on the website longer than ever before.