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The basics of web and email hosting and domains

Owning a website usually means you need 3 services. These are website host, domain registrar and an email host. Most major web hosting companies provide all 3 services. However, you don’t have to rely on one company to provide each of these services. For example, at Philsquare we prefer Google for handling our email services so we use them instead of our hosting company, Media Temple. However, this requires another set of credentials (login information) to track and we pay additional costs. To get a better understanding of these 3 services, let’s talk about them individually.

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On the little screen

On a quiet, rainy Monday, 6 News Lawrence came to The Cider Gallery.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Philsquare!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today, we are very excited and proud to celebrate Philsquare’s 2nd Birthday! Two years ago, Creative Director Phil Martinez launched This was the first step in transforming his freelance work into a web development company that grows stronger and more talented every day. 

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Secret message: the Philsquare logo

Now that we've launched our new website, we want to make sure we highlight the logo we had created for us last year. It now has a new color, based on our new branding, but it's the white space that we love the most.

During the logo development, Phil worked with Tom Avery, a great designer in Kansas City. There were a few design elements Phil wanted in the logo that Tom incorporated beautifully.

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