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Granada Website Converted from WordPress to Laravel

Almost four years ago, we designed and built a new website for The Granada (Granada). The website was built in WordPress and included a custom theme. A few months ago, the Granada was interested in making some updates to their website. Before making any updates, we converted the website from WordPress to our latest development systems which include Laravel, UIkit and LaraManager. This posts talks a little about the conversion.

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Building websites with Laravel

A few years ago, Philsquare started working with a PHP framework called Laravel. We currently use it on most of our new projects. In this post, I discuss the events that led us to use Laravel and how and why we use it.

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Philsquare Quick 5: SEO what to do and what not to do

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an elusive concept to understand and implement to your advantage. Here are some simple things to do and not to do.

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Philsquare Quick 5: Is it time to update your website?

If you've been considering having your business or organziation website redone, here are some reasons why you should.

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Mail Chimp and Constant Contact changes over the last year and using each for small business

Over the last two years, I’ve managed two different email campaigns. For a freelance client, I’ve used Constant Contact to create and send her email newsletters. A little over a year ago, I started using Mail Chimp to manage Philsquare’s email campaign (you can sign up for emails on our contact page!) Each have under 200 recipients so my thoughts and suggestions are definitely for small businesses; not for those with thousands of recipients. I also work with templates provided by each service, I don’t upload a custom created template.

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Scheduling and planning social media

Bailey is a semi-regular Social Media Club of Lawrence attendee. She will also aspire to semi-regularly blog about it.  If you are interested in talking about social media tools, strategies, techniques or trends (mostly in regards to business) you are welcome to attend. Meetings are regularly Wednesday mornings at 7:30. Please visit for location and meeting topics. 

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