The Merc Coop

The Merc Coop is located in Lawrence, Kansas and provides the community with access to healthy, local, organic food and products;

Project Highlights

Promotional Areas

You will find these areas all over the website. The Merc has the ability to easily update these areas with their latest promotions.

Deli Menu

The Deli Menu keeps visitors updated with the most recent deli menu. The menu updates automatically since we gave the Merc the ability to set the date intervals.

Department Information

This page shows all the departments and related information.

Class Calendar

This interactive calendar allows visitors to view the available classes and enroll.

Online Class Registration

Visitors can seemlessly enroll in classes. The enrollment system was designed and development by Philsquare. This means the visitor never leaves the Merc website.

Newsletter Download and Archive

Visitors can view newsletter and download the archives. This list is updated easily by Merc admins.

Board Member Voting

The website also has a built in board member voting system. Before we developed this for the Merc they were using an expensive 3rd party system.

Follows Brand Guidelines

The Merc Coop provided Philsquare with the NCG branding guidelines which we then used to desing the website.

Cohesive Design

The entire design follows our "cohesive design" principle. We make sure the look and feel is consistent throughout the website and every element fits into the design appropriately.


The design responds to smaller screens and provides visitors with a great experience on modern smart phones.

Complete Content Management

The Merc has almost complete control over all the content. Philsquare built an intuitive admin panel that allows many members of the Merc team to make website updates anytime.

UIkit Components and JS

This CSS & JS framework provides a strong backbone to the design and responsive (mobile) aspects of the website.

Stripe Payments

The Merc can now accept credit card payments. Philsquare uses Stripe to provide the CC processing gateway.

Custom Classes Module

The technology was developed by Philsquare so the Merc could easily schedule classes and process online class enrollment from within their own website.

Custom Voting Module

The technology was developed by Philsquare so the Merc could hold board member elections seemlessly on their own website. Previously, the Merc was using an expensive and external 3rd party system.