Joy Neely

Innovative Real Estate Search Platform

Our company collaborated with a realtor to develop a custom real estate searching platform that revolutionized the way potential customers search for properties. The primary objective was to create a unique and interactive search experience that would set our client apart from competitors in the market.


  1. Integrating data from three different MLS providers, each offering data in various formats and with different polling requirements.
  2. Designing a user-friendly, interactive search interface that deviated from the traditional sidebar filter approach.


To address the data integration challenge, we built a robust system that efficiently polled and normalized data from the three MLS providers. This data was then consolidated into a unified internal API, which served as the backbone for the primary applications. By creating this intermediate layer, we ensured that the user search parameters could be effectively applied to the consolidated data, regardless of the original source format.

For the search functionality, our team developed an advanced and interactive search experience that exceeded customer expectations. Breaking away from the conventional long sidebar of search filters, we implemented a horizontal, user-friendly interface that encouraged exploration and engagement. This innovative approach to search empowered users to easily refine their criteria and find their ideal properties quickly.

In addition to the core search functionality, the platform offered a range of valuable features to enhance the user experience. Customers could save their favorite searches and listings, providing a personalized touch and facilitating future access. The platform also incorporated a map view, allowing users to visualize the locations of their searched properties. Furthermore, an open house feature was implemented, enabling customers to easily discover and plan visits to properties of interest.


By addressing the challenges of data integration and creating an innovative search experience, we provided our client with a competitive advantage.

This project demonstrates our company's expertise in developing tailored software solutions that address complex data integration challenges and deliver exceptional user experiences. Our commitment to understanding our clients' unique needs, coupled with our technical proficiency and customer-centric approach, positions us as a trusted partner in driving business success through innovative web software development.

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